Metolius Investment Partners has a long background in property investment and development. With origins in Central Oregon, Metolius has been an active General Partner in a number of Limited Partnerships focused development.  Through a long term partnership with Dutch Pacific Properties Metolius has invested in a 40 acre mixed use development in Sisters Oregon, the Tetherow golf resort in Bend Oregon and the Metolian eco resort.  Investment partners include Dura-Vermeer of the Netherlands, hence the name Dutch Pacific.

Metolius activities in aviation asset finance led to the introduction to LHI of Germany, one of the leading real estate and renewables asset managers in Europe.  Metolius and LHI have teamed up to provide a top tier real estate investment fund focused on the northern European countries of Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the Baltics and Scandinavia.  LHI currently manages approximately $20Bn USD in real estate with an annual turnover of $1.5Bn USD.  The deep knowledge of the northern European property market combined with Metolius/LHI network of investors has opened new doors and increased ability to close on prime locations efficiently.

Our focus is on properties with long term leases and tenants with strong credit ratings, as they are the natural Covid crisis winners. These commercial properties have maintained significant demand despite the pandemic.  Residential properties also remain stable in value and are in extremely high demand.  Logistic and light industrial warehouse properties are surging in value with the economy moving towards ecommerce.

There are some major changes currently underway in the real estate market due to Covid and certain asset classes are becoming less desirable and others more so.  Digitalization in the office setting and remote working is creating a new assessment of office requirement for large companies.  Smaller, more efficient nodes that offer flexibility are becoming more interesting and valuable. Newer buildings, located near public transportation are favorable.

Climate protection and sustainability are also becoming more relevant as companies look for lowering their energy footprint through new technologies and design.  Newer buildings offer the opportunity for companies to highlight their efforts in sustainability.  Access to these properties is our specialty and due to the size of the existing portfolio we are often given first option on the premium new developments.

Global uncertainty in financial markets has continued to drive clients who are looking to preserve and protect their wealth to our real estate products.  With steady cash flows and strong yields over long terms, our funds offer a safe haven in a turbulent environment.