Metolius Investment Partners is pleased to partner with LHI on renewable energy asset investments. Given the global necessity to reduce carbon emissions Metolius plans to focus on these investments as they are critical to the well being or our future.

The path to ensure the long-term supply of renewable energies is irreversible. There is unprecedented interest and opportunity in solar parks and wind farms.

Why you should invest in Renewables/Infrastructure

Due to their long production cycle of at least 20 to 30 years, renewable energies are particularly suitable for investors with a long-term investment horizon.

Reduced production costs allow economical operation even at low subsidy rates. Currently rising electricity prices make operation conceivable without subsidies.

In addition, there are further positive effects such as additional revenue opportunities through qualification as green energy and the very low correlation with other investments.

Why the Metolius/LHI Group is your investment partner in the asset classes Renewables/Infrastructure

Commercial management, portfolio management and performance management are completely in our hands. This gives you an experienced partner for the entire duration of the investment.

The technical management of the assets is carried out together with our project partners.

We only work with project partners who have been tested by us through an intensive selection process and who meet our high standards.

Our investment focus

In the field of renewable energies we are currently concentrating on photovoltaics and wind-onshore. In the future, our focus will also be on other technologies such as water. We deliberately decided to invest only in Euro countries which offer stable legal conditions with regard to feed-in tariffs.